Probe tone Frequency : 226Hz
Tympanometry. Level : 85db SPL. Gain Control : AGC
Air pressure Range : Default +200 to -400daPa (max. +300 to -600daPa)
Acoustic reflex tests Automatic Reflex, Free Mixing of Ipsi and Contra
Frequencies and
intensity ranges
Ipsilateral :110dbHL Frequency : 250,500,1000,2000,3000,4000,WB,HP,LP Noise
Contralateral : 120dBHL. Frequency : 125 to 8000Hz,
WB,LP,HP Noise
Audiometry : -10 to 120dBHL. Frequency 125 to 8000Hz
Dimension 42 x 32 x 10.2cm
Weight 4.1Kg
Included parts ATP-AT235u Universal probe System with shoulder strap
and wrist strap
HBZ235u Single Contralateral Headset
Power Cable / BET55 Ear Tips in box
TPR26 3 Rolls of recording paper / Operation Manual CD
Multilingual CE Manual / APS3 Response Switch