Probe tone
Frequency Classic tympanometry: 226 Hz, 678 Hz, 800 Hz, 1000 Hz
WBT: 226 Hz~ 8000 Hz
226 Hz : 85dB SPL (69 dB HL)
Level WBT: 96 dB peSPL (infant)
Air pressure
Control Automatic.
Range 600 to +300 daPa.
Pressure limitation 750 daPa and +550 daPa.
Tympanometry 1 curve per ear per tympanometry test. 3 curves per ear per
Eustachian tube function test. And theoretically an infinite number of tests per protocol.
Dimension 60x60x280 mm / 2.4x2.4x11 inches
Weight 306g / 108ibs
Standard set Titan handheld unit with basic probe
Power supply (with converter)
BET55 Ear tips
Lithium Battery
4 cavities (0.2, 0.5, 2 and 5cc)
Titan PC suite with
Instructions for Use
TCB Carrying Bag
USB cable, USB adaptor
Options Short probe extension Sanibel MTP-II Thermal printer
DD45C contra cup headset
EARtone 3A insert headset for contra Cradle
Clinical probe extension
OtoAccess™ database
WBT calibration kit