Frequency range 500 to 10000 Hz
Nominal frequency f2
Frequency step 25 Hz
Level 30 to 80 dB SPL (75 dB SPL for 6kHz and 65 dB SPL for 8kHz to 10kHz)
Level Step 1 dB
Transducer IOW Probe auto detection, auto calibrated
General display gain Applicable during testing
Display Stimulus level and type, Bar and Graph view
Probe specifications
Titan IOW probe IMP, DPOAE, TEOAE and ABRIS capable
Replaceable probe tip
Dimension 60x60x280 mm / 2.4x2.4x11 inches
Weight 306g / 108ibs
standard set Titan handheld unit with basic probe
Cradle/Power supply(with converter)
Clinical probe extension
BET55 Ear tips/Lithium Battery
4 cavities(0.2,0.5,2 and 5cc)/DPOAE440
Titan PC suite with / TCB Carrying Bag
OtoAccess™ database USB Cable,
USB adapter instructions for usa
Options Short probe extension Sanibel MTP-II Thermal printer