Power source AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 1,100VA
Compressor motor 2.3Kgf/㎠±0.3Kgf/㎠
Suction motor 100ℓ/min, 680mmHg
Touch switch (Unit) Chair Up/Down/Front/Rear/Reset
Touch switch (Irrigator) Temperature/Operating Time/Flow Percent
Touch switch (Vision) Brightness/Mode/Capture/Full
Touch switch (ETC.) Operating status display
Dimension 1061mm(W)x806mm(D)x928mm(H)±10%
Weight 108kg±10%
Standard set Power cable
Mirror quick heater
Instrument heating tray
Hanger for headlight
Medicine bottle (4ea)
Waste bin
Deposit for used instrument
83mm Can (2ea)
Options Additional 1 Spray (Instead of politzer)
Operating microscope
Option A (Side can with tray) or Option B (Irrigation)
Reflection light
Auto drain