Power source AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 1,100VA
Compressor motor 2.3Kgf/㎠±0.3Kgf/㎠
Suction motor 100ℓ/min, 680mmHg
Features 1/2/4 Capture display
Video input 1xCVBS
Video output 3xCVBS
Light source LED

Intensity of radiation 60,000 Lux↑
Color temperature 6,500K
Lamp life more than 30,000 hours↑
7 inch Touch LCD control Unit / Chair / Irrigator / Vision / ETC.
Dimension 1061mm(W)x806mm(D)x928mm(H)±10%
Weight 118kg±10%
Standard set Main body
Power cable
Spray (3ea)
Mirror quick heater
Instrument heating tray
Hanger for headlight
Medicine bottle (4ea)
Waste bin
Deposit for used instrument
LED Light source (2ea)
Light guide cable (2ea)
1/3" CCD Camera
Flexible scope quiver
Rigid endoscope quiver (2ea)
Monitor & Arm set
Foot switch
Options Additional 1 Spray (Instead of politzer)
Option A (Side can with tray) or Option B (Irrigation)
Video frenzel glasses
Operating microscope
HD / FULL HD Camera
Reflection light
Auto drain
Image/Video capture device to PC
Patient data management software