Power source AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 1,000VA
Compressor motor 2.2kgf/㎠±0.7kgf/㎠
Suction motor 680mmHg
Light source LED(2ea)
Intensity of radiatio 60,000 Lux↑
Cooling system Forced air-cooled
Color temperature more than 5,700K
Lamp life more than 30,000 hour↑
7 inch Touch LCD control Chair/Up/Down/Front/Real/Reset/Heater/Light/UV/Camera set / White balace
Dimension 989㎜(W)×732㎜(D)×955㎜(H)
Weight 40kg±10%
Standard set Spray(2ea)
Mirror quick heater
UV Sterilizer for endoscope drawer
100mm Can(2ea)
LED Light source(2ea)
Light guide cable(2ea)
CMOS HD Camera with lens
MAIN OPTIONS Option A ( Irrigation(1ea) / Politzer (1ea))
Option B (Politzer (1ea)
SUB OPTIONS Option A (Rigid endoscope quiver(3ea) /
Wireless pen light(Option) / Wireless torcht(Option))

Option B (Spray(3ea) / Wireless pen light(Option)
/ Wireless torch(Option)
OPTIONS Option A ( Flexible scope quiver(1ea) /
Rigid endoscope quiver(2ea) /Hanger for headlight(1ea) )"
"Option B ( Flexible scope quiver(2ea) /
Rigid endoscope quiver(1ea) /Hanger for headlight(1ea) )"
Option C ( Flexible scope quiver(2ea) / Rigid endoscope quiver(2ea) )
"CMOS FHD Camera with lens
CCD SD Camera with lens