Light source coaxial cold light illumination(15V/150W) or direct halogen
illumination 12V/100W -both versions with
ready-to-use replacement lamp
Lenses Interchangeable lenses ranging from 200mm to 400mm
in 50mm increments, Lens f=200mm and f-250mm with integrated focysing(14mm)
Binocular tubes Straight tube f =125mm of f=159mm, optional articulated tube f=182mm 0-210˚
Eyepiece Eyepiece WF 12.5 x V or WF 10 x V (with diopter adjustment)
Magnification 3-step changer, 5-step changer or manual zoom 1-6 step
Fine focussing manual 40mm fine focussing (optional)
Secindary viewer Binocular or monocular
video camera Adaptation of C-mount video cameras via beam
splitter and TV tube
Integrated video camera(vision) 1/4"" CCD colour video camera, Y/C (S-VHS),FBAS(Composite),
752(H)x582(V) PAL
Integrated endoscopic abapter For direct adaptation for existing endoscopic cameras
Iris diaphragm, freen filter,
spot illumination
Grips Extensive product array including various grips
Enlargement factor 0.4 0.63 1.0 1.6 2.5
Magnification 3.2 5 8 12.8 20
Field of vision (Ø in mm) 52 34 22 14 8.5