Power source AC 220V, 60Hz
Power consumption 1300VA
Compressor motor 2.0Kgf/㎠±0.5Kgf/㎠
Suction motor 680mmHg (Double)
Ultraviolet sterilizer 253.7nm±5%
Dimension 960mm(W)x836mm(D)x800mm(H)±10%
Dimension (Sub table) 1830mm(W)x836mm(D)x800mm(H)±10%
Weight 172kg±10%
Standard set Main body
Power cable
Reflection light (2ea)
Mirror quick heater (2ea)
83mm Can (6ea)
53mm Can (4ea)
Medicine bottle(6ea)
Post pole#1(Curved) (2ea)
Options Post pole#2(Straight)
Montor with arm&Base
Microsope with light source&Arm (2ea)
Ear speculum stand
Endoscopic system
Doctor chair (2ea)
Patient chair (2ea)